Wednesday, October 18, 2006

October 21 Paint Out - Hidden Lakes Trout Farm - Bolingbrook


Hidden Lakes Trout Farm in Bolingbrook -- near everyone!

Check out the website:

Click the following line to see the Google map:,+bolingbrook,+il&ie=UTF8&ll=41.718415,-88.076534&spn=0.020565,0.066605&om=0

Essentially, you go South on Boughton Road off of 355.   WATCH FOR THE SIGNS.  At the intersection of Schmidt Rd. turn West on Trout Farm Drive.

Parking lot is the first thing you will come to.   

The Website has a map in pdf that quickly downloads.   


First Reason:

It is near everyone.   This quiet, peaceful, lovely place is off of Boughton Road down a paved lane to the West.   

And it is laid out in a wonderful way for painters.   The lakes can be viewed in layers going into the background.   It is a beautifully groomed place.   You can walk completely around the lakes.   It is adjacent to the DuPage River trail -- you can find a spot over there as well.

 It's a great little find!

Read more in a Tribune article:,1,5671722.column?coll=chi-sportscolumnist-hed

Second Reason:

To get a painting for OUR ANNUAL GROUP SHOW ---

The Tavern Club    Hang it Saturday, December 16th.    To run until January 31, 2007.


Saturday,   October 21,    8:30 AM to 12:30 PM for critique.  


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