Thursday, January 26, 2006

Berghoff's Last Hurrah -- Combined Paint-Out Saturday 28th

WHAT: This Saturday we will do a combined Paint Out with the PAPC at Berghoff's Restaurant in Chicago.


WHY: Berghoff's is a Chicago landmark that is closing at the end of February. It is the oldest restaurant in the City of Chicago and was the first establishment to get a liquor license after prohibition. People are lined up outside waiting to get a table to have their last Berghoff's lunches, dinners and their famous Beer.

A friend of mine suggested to me that it could be a paintable opportunity. I passed that idea along to Scott with the suggestion that we could perhaps do this as a combined outing. This Saturday is the day. It is a colorful building and the crowds of waiting patrons are a wonderful warm recordable moment in the history of this great city.

Check out their website for images of the splendid German style:
OR -- click the title line of this posting.


17 West Adams, Chicago, IL 60603
(312) 427-3170

There is also information on their website regarding directions and parking. We can find facilities in the nearby public buildings.


WHEN: Let's convene at 8:30 AM in front of Berghoff's and decide from there where to meet at 12:30 PM.

This should be fun for all and it will be great to see the PAPC folks again.

On a personal note -- how time flies -- it was a year ago this weekend that I first painted with PAPC in Chinatown. I had not had my oils out in about 7 years (had been working mainly in pastels in the intervening time) and remember vividly crouching in knee deep snow in Ping Tom Park lighting matches to thaw open the stuck lids on my paint tubes that had nearly given up hope of my return. How time flies.....

See you Saturday -- and maybe we can find a way to get in for a beer.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Let's Paint Little Mexico -- Saturday, January 14, 2006

WHAT: Our Paint Out Site this Saturday will be Little Mexico on Joliet's East Side.

WHEN: Saturday, January 14, 2006 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

WHY: Because the weather is dreary gray and we don't even have the benefit of picturesque snow. So we will be energized and stimulated by COLOR. Little Mexico is an old area of Joliet that has become a hub of the Latin community of Joliet. Some of the buildings there have been rescued and painted lively and interesting colors.

AND -- there is a Bakery and several restaurants that have outstanding authentic food -- so the opportunity of having an interesting lunch after our painting session is muy bueno. Check out the comments on the following forum regarding Amanecer Tapatio:

WHERE: 573 Collins Street

The restaurant mentioned above is on the end of a little strip mall. We can meet in the parking area of that strip mall at 8:30 AM. And reconvene there at 12:30. The area may have some indoor options for the critique.

Here is the address line for the map to the site (or just click on the title of this posting):,+Joliet,+IL+60432&zoom=3


Looking forward,