Monday, February 27, 2006

WOW! Lemont! What a Paint Out!

I think there were more unusual things about our Paint-Out this weekend, than any I can think of.  

First, it was probably the coldest of the PAPC-SW Paint-Outs -- Baptism of the SoWesters!


We planned to gather outside of the Lemont Historical Society only to discover that Art Garibay's wife is the Vice-President of the Historical Society and he had the key to let us in from the cold.

And Art had the Press coming out to greet us at Noon.  

Then, April and Marge have their work at a gallery there -- The Artful Gatherings -- And the Gallery owners,  Alice & JIm Chin had opened their doors to us saying they would "put on the coffee" for us to come and use their huge workroom for our critique!

We got a late start because the drive around the town -- rich with hillsides, limestone I & M Canal, quaint shops and Churches -- was a bit overstimulating.   And for me with my quirk about big old bridges? --  Art let me know that a large old train bridge was there, out of use, and had not been torn down.   What a find!   So a little more time -- for trekking, photos and with a big dog walking the rugged territory, deciding not to challenge my luck by bringing in my gear. 

And then while painting, several visits by photographers resulted in a mystery -- there were no other artists out  painting (?)--  and a great deal of chatting about cameras.    One is also an artist who is now on our mailing list --   Mike -- who has a truly cool camera.   And the other was one of our new Great Lakes Pastel Society members,  Gary Wick.   

Early wrap up to Meet the Press, then off to the Artful Gatherings for our WARM critique --- and a number of discoveries.

Answer to the mystery -- our PAPC-SW folks are creative in more ways than their paintings  -- half of the group was painting from their cars!


In all, three new folks from Great Lakes Pastel Society showed up on this cooollllldddd day  (though, of the new Pastellists only Sue actually set up and painted out -- good for you, Sue)  who all said they would truly be doing Plein Air now that they had group to motivate them.    Sue Flannagan, Dee Lippin, and Gary Wick.     


Wallis Paper ---- product designed & manufactured by a Pastellist, Kitty Wallis.   Kitty has also developed pastels you can mix and make yourself.    Just mix, form and let dry.    Great to mix your own special colors.    At the first IAPS Convention the parking lot was home to a very large structure with white walls 6' tall, tubs of water, pots of the colors and artists up to their elbows mixing, drawing and smearing on the white walls.   By the end we had the largest group painting any had seen.   Gorgeous and great fun.    Available through Art Supply Stores -- Dakota, Jerry's, Blick, etc.

Maroger Medium  in a tube --  can be purchased at the following website:

Diane Rath is an artist who teaches at the Palette & Chisel.   She has studied with David Leffel who is one of the current day proponents of Maroger.

While I had purchased Maroger solely from David Davis in New York, their product comes in glass jars.   Halina told me about the product and manufacturer above who packages their Maroger in tubes.   The tubes make plein air work soooo much easier in oils.

BILL CREEVY --   My occasional mentor and always friend, has written The Oil Painting Book and The Pastel Book.    I recommend both of them HIGHLY as they are current day Cennini and Mayer overviews of materials and applications.   The effect of each of these books is EXPERIMENT EXPERIMENT EXPERIMENT.   And experimenting will help free one from rules, formula and derivative and/or rendered images --   thus freeing the 'Artist In Residence' to paint paintings.    


Enough for now.....

Thank you all once again for a very warm, stimulating and thought provoking time.

Looking forward to more....

Rita R 

Paint Out - LEMONT - February 25

WHO:   PAPC - SW:    AND --- there are some new members on our email list -- members of the Great Lakes Pastel Society.   I am sooo glad that some other Pastellists will be coming out with us in the future.   We all know that it may take several email notices before people get up to an outing, but the day will come when they join us.   WELCOME MEMBERS OF THE GREAT LAKES PASTEL SOCIETY.

WHERE:    Lemont.   It would be good to get there a little early and drive around the little town -- and lots of limestone.  There are interesting little antique stores, etc in this gentrifying, charming, historic little waterfront town at the head of the I & M Canal.    We should meet at 306 Lemont Street, The Lemont Historical Society in the old Stone Church is a good convening place.   From there folks can drive/walk to their place of choice.   We can decide then where we will re-convene at 12:30 for our Critique.   

Click on/or drag & drop for mapquest map:

WHEN:    Saturday,  February 25, 2006 at 8:30 AM at 306 Lemont Street the Lemont HIstorical Society.  

WHY:    Lemont is a lovely interesting little town at the head of the I & M Canal.   In this area the Desplaines River, the Ship Canal, and the I & M Canal run parallel to each other.    There are little shops and a coffee house that can provide facilities and warm java through the morning.

Please check out the following website to learn about  the I&M Canal Passage:

And this will acquaint you to Lemont:

And more about downtown Lemont:

It says:  

Park downtown on the street or adjacent to the I&M Canal to shop, dine, enjoy Lemont’s architecture or walk or bike its five-mile canal trail segment. Learn more about Lemont at the Historical Society, 306 Lemont Street, located in the Old Stone Church. 

and it will be cold on Saturday -- bundle up.    

See you Saturday,

Rita R

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Paint Out Saturday Feb 11 - Turtle Lake

Turtle Lake at Lake Renwick Preserve in Plainfield, Illinois.

We have talked about getting back to this site when there is SNOW. This weekend looks like it might be our only chance this Winter. So, let's take it!

Paint Out Site This Saturday will be at the Lake Renwick Preserve in Plainfield, Illinois. There are three entrances to this preserve -- The Lake Renwick Heron Rookery off of Renwick Road; The Copley Nature Park off of Rt 30 and WE ARE MEETING AT THE TURTLE LAKE ACCESS ON LOCKPORT STREET at 8:30 AM.

This is a series of small lakes and islands which are the home and preserved nesting site of five types of birds (blue heron, snowy egrets, cormorant and cattle egrets and more. There is a parking lot, facilities and trails. It is free.

Check out the website for the this total Preserve of lakes at:

Please keep in mind that we are meeting at the TURTLE LAKE ACCESS ON LOCKPORT STREET. On the following site map, it is circled. The other entrances are marked with X's. As you can see by the map, there is a trail only a short distance from the parking lot that is surrounded by water, affording us proximate setup sites.

MAPQUEST DIRECTIONS : copy this next entire batch of nonsense into your browser to see the map

If you are coming from Chicago (or from the North) go South on I 55. Exit at Rt 126 to the right. Stay on Rt 126 to Lockport Road, or Lockport Street where you will turn Left (East). Go past the tracks and enter on your right at "Turtle Lake Access". We can meet in the Parking Lot.