Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Paint Out Site Saturday, February 24th - Riverside


Awhile ago I invited folks to provide us with some suggestions for paint out sites. Susan Hong-Sammons responded with the following thoughts and information:

"If you decide to come paint in Riverside. I suggest everyone going to their website and printing out a map of my little village..."

(Here's the map:)

"...Then they'll see all the parks etc......"

Susan also told me that in the Spring there are many flowering trees. So, if we get acquainted with the place now, we will be ready IN JUST A FEW WEEKS to capture the color of Spring. And, since we may be caught in the middle of a deluge, a little village with some possible places to come in out of the rain, might be perfect.

WHERE: "I think the best place to meet is in front of the library."

(Here are the directions to the Library):

"The parking is free and centrally located to everything - park, river, train depot, stone built city hall etc. It's quite a picturesque Victorian village. I've enjoyed painting here all seasons but then I love grays." Susan Hong-Sammons.

WHEN: Saturday, February 24th 8:30 AM thru 12:30 PM for our tell, show and ask.

So, click away and meet us in front of the library in Riverside. And, THANK YOU, SUSAN, for showing us the way to this exciting new place to paint!

Rita R